I was on Pinterest one day looking at costumes and saw an outfit that was made for a super hero themed marathon and she was being Wonder Woman. She had made a tulle tutu skirt and used a black tank top but I thought I would take it to the next level. Best part? NO SEW! I did everything with a hot glue gun!

I ordered royal blue tulle off of eBay, a red basic cami from Walmart, foam sheets from the dollar store, gold paint, black fabric paint, Velcro, gold ribbon, white rope and glitter hairspray (all from Walmart)

I started making the tulle skirt by following a tutorial on YouTube. I then traced out white stars from foam sheets and glued them onto the skirt. I made a belt out of the gold ribbon, then attached my white rope to my belt for the “lasso of truth”. I then put Velcro on the belt and voila the skirt was done!

I then just got a Google image of the double W and painted in in gold paint on the red cami. I needed a few coats to make it vibrant. Then I took the black fabric paint and outlined the details of the W’s. After letting all that dry the top was finished too.

All the accessories are made out of foam and paint. SO EASY! I cut the tiara to shape and painted both sides gold. Then cute out a star of red foam and sprayed it with lots of glitter hairspray and glued it on. You can use the gold ribbon to tie the tiara on but I used a black elastic. For the arm bands I cut them to shape, painted them gold and did two more glittery red stars and glued them on. I used Velcro to secure them.

Put everything together and you’re done! Before I headed out, I sprayed the entire skirt with the glitter hairspray for added shine!

I got so many compliments on how creative I was because if you were to buy this online or in a store–it would be pricey and kind of skanky IMO! I had so much fun making it and even more fun wearing it. I feel that this layout could work for any character so get creative!