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Cool Red Shoe Costume

The Halloween costume I created this year was a red shoe. Being a Sophmore in Highschool, I was busy with school work had not been thinking about a costume. I was running out of time and needed to think of one fast. It was Halloween week when the idea came to me. I looked at my shoes on my bedroom floor, and thought, “Hey, I’ll be a shoe, because why not?!” I was confident that I could pull it off.

To create a shoe, I needed to gather materials that I had around my house. I used cardboard, hot glue, tape, electrical tape, red spray-paint, poster board, silver paper, and felt.

In brief, here’s what I did for this project:

I created templates for the pieces to the shoe out of paper. I then cut out the templates and drew the outlines onto cardboard. After outlining, I cut out the shoe pieces. (You can see my photos for images I created that have shoe measurements, names and placements of shoe parts.)

I began the structure of the shoe by hot gluing two sides of the shoe to the base section. I then connected these two shoe sides by hot gluing a section in the heel area. The next step was to add the toe. I cut slits in order to create a small curve and hot glued it in place. I glued the tounge from the inside to the toe, and inside the two shoe sides.

I decided to add poster board to the outer of the shoe becuase it would give it a smooth look compared to the ruggedness of bent cardboard. I cut out poster board to fit each piece to the shoe, and glued the cut pieces in place.  Following, I spray-painted the outside of the shoe red, and painted the rims for the shoe and the toe white. When the paint was dry, I glued the white rim to the shoe, and put electrical tape along the rims and sides.

Originally I was going to paint the lace rings grey, but had shiny paper wth my art supplies and decide to use it instead. I applied the silver paper to the lace rings, then glued the shiny rings to the shoe sides. When that was finished, I hot glued the laces to the top of the shoe. I then made final touches, and went off trick or treating with family.

I always enjoy making others happy by creating fun costumes on Halloween. My family and I like to create original halloween costumes to keep the “trick” in “trick or treat”.

Cool Red Shoe Costume

Cool Red Shoe Costume

Cool Red Shoe Costume

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