Being Pat Sajak was entirely my son’s idea. He’s been obsessed with Wheel of Fortune since he was a baby. When I warned him that some of the kids at school wouldn’t know who he was, I gave him the option of wearing a “back up” costume to school, so he wouldn’t spend the whole day answering questions. He thought about it and told me he wanted his backup costume to be Lester Holt, the African American host of the NBC Nightly News. Nope. Not sending my 4-year-old to school like that. Pat Sajak it is. I knew I had to make the costume awesome.

The Pat Sajak costume suit was just a cheap one from Amazon. I added a name tag. Just printed out with some golf vinyl lettering on top. The bag is a photoshopped puzzle board glued to some glittery foam.

The heart-and-soul of this costume is the “wheel.” It’s just a white umbrella and sharpies and many, many hours. He screamed when he saw it, though, so it was totally worth it. Children have zero idea who he is. Adults LOVE it. We’ve only worn it out once so far, but everybody stops us and asks to take pictures.

It was a labor of love. My son has watched Wheel of Fortune his entire life. He has ASD and gets to watch the show every night if he had good behavior at school. He taught himself to read at two years old, and I’m sure it has a lot to do with his love for the show.