Cool Wheel Of Fortune Costume

My family loves to watch Wheel of Fortune while we have dinner, it’s a lot of fun to play along and see who can solve the puzzles the fastest. When my son told me he wanted to be the $5000 wedge for Halloween, I wasn’t 100% sure we would be able to pull it off, there was more construction involved then past costumes I have made for him.

However, once we got started, things fell into place easily. My husband chopped up an old appliance box and spray painted it black, then we made a few adjustments to shape it into a wedge. I found some shiny silver disco-like fabric at Jo-Ann Fabrics, which I wrapped around the box and an old hat, using a hot glue gun to tack it into place. I made a treat bag for him as well, with one side as the “wild card” and the other side as the “free spin”.

The black numbers, wild card, and green letters were all cut out from sheets of glitter foam. He got a lot of compliments from the candy givers, with one dad exclaiming “come on big money!” when he opened the door!

Coolest Wheel Of Fortune Costume

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