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Cool Moving Ouija on Covid Mask Costume

Here’s A costume you can wear in public spaces that require a face covering. Ouija wear a mask!

This idea came from wanting to change a face mask into a full costume. The hand itself was purchased but secured to a headband via a spring for movement. The ouija piece was a white plastic in which I distressed using black paint and silver sharpies. The mask itself was the hardest part! Oh the hand cramps!

Using a piece of glass and my phone light I was able to trace the position of the letters for the ouija board. Then I went back with fabric paint to create the letters. I did the moon and stars freehand to complete. The ouija board piece has a Bobby pin that it secures to the mask so you can change the position over your eye.

I spent my high school years in the theatre props department, I love making costumes and make them for my friends. Happy Halloween!

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