Cool Mother and Daughter Halloween Costume: Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumb

Of course I agreed to do these costumes with my mother on one condition….she had to be Tweedle Dumb! We work in industrial construction and wanted to wear our costumes in the work zone…hence the hard hats with the propellers.  We used foam letters and hot glued them to our hard hats for our names.  We purchased most of the costume pieces at Goodwill.

We sewed the collar and bow ties.  We found the house shoes at Walmart which totally set the costumes off.  This was one of our funnest years!  We made treat bags and went around the field at work and handed them out to the guys and of course I razzed my mother the entire time with the Tweedle DUMB thing.  We skipped merrily along and had a total blast.  The guys loved it and since this year everyone always wants to know what we’re going to be.  We made the corporate company newsletter and people still talk about these costumes to this day.