Cool Moana Group Costume

My daughters are obsessed with Moana and since this was our first year trick or treating, I decided to go all out and a create a Moana group costume for the family

It all began with hei hei, my youngest daughter’s costume. I took a white onsie and sewed a “tail” on with a piece of rolled felt stuffed with grocery bags. Then I sewed feather boas on. Fortunately we got a trial run at a trick or treat party because I didn’t think to try the costume on my youngest before actually putting it on her (big mistake!). She refused to wear it because it was too tight and wouldn’t go over her head easily enough. So for Halloween night I had to cut the onsie up the front and sew it back with Velcro.

The head is made out of felt woth foam balls for the eyes. It also had to be adjusted on Halloween night with a few safety pins. My costume was a green dress that I attached a bunch of fake vines to.  The headpiece base is a headband and got super heavy with all the vines attached. Haha! Maui’ s skirt is made out of felt leaves and fake banana leaves from the floral department.

My dad helped me carve the hook out of wood and burned/carved all the detail on. He actually carved a picture of both my daughters into it to personalize it for them. The rest was store bought, but my personal touches were on everyone with makeup, etc.

I started this project in September and was still working on it the day of Halloween 😫 it was so much fun and I got a lot of my creative fulfillment from it!

The cast of Moana

Moana Family Costumes

Moana Family Costumes

Moana Family Costumes