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Cool Miss Argentina Halloween Costume

Forget Christmas, for me the ‘most wonderful time of the year’ is Halloween as it means I can dress up without anyone thinking I’m slightly odd for doing so-I have been know to do the chores in my shared house whilst wearing a bee costume! Last year I was away with work at Halloween but this year my housemates and I decided to hold a houseparty so I knew I had to up my game.

I love Tim Burton and knew I wanted to be differently coloured this year so had many character options, but decided to go with Miss Argentina from Beetlejuice. I love the film and what made Miss Argentina special was the bright red hair and the fact that only true fans of the film would know who I was!

The outfit was quite simple to put together but very effective. I started with Sea Blue face and body paint by Snazaroo and a long curly red wig both bought on ebay. My housemate helped me apply the body paint and I pinned the wig into an up do using similarly coloured bobby pins. For the dress I spent several hours trawling ebay for a paisley print dress, but alas couldn’t find what I wanted. Eventually I went with something I knew would look good on me, after all we never see the dress in its entirety and surely they do laundry in the afterlife! I wore a net skirt underneath the dress to give it volume.

The cape was one of the most difficult parts to construct. I used three wire coat hangers which I found in my basement. I bent them into similar shapes to Miss Argeftina’s cape and taped the pieces together. I then painted them with red acrylic paint and sewed red, glittery, sheer material over the top as I wanted to keep some parts of my costume looking as authentic as possible. My biggest worry was how to keep my cape on my shoulders, but the length and shape of the coathangers actually meant it stayed on pretty well!

A key prop for the film is The Handbook for the Recently Deceased and, even though I was partying in my own home, I decided that the handbook should become my handbag. I bought an old book from a charity shop and followed an online book clutch tutorial. I printed off a google image for the front cover which I stuck to the book.

I’d love to say that I had made the sash myself but that credit again goes to Ebay and a wonderful seller who has made me sashes for events before.

You can’t see my shoes in the photos, but I’m wearing Low Level Danger by Irregular Choice, which are red and the heels flash when you walk.

Everyone loved my outfit and the effort I’d gone to not only in decorating myself, but in decorating the whole house too! Yes, there were people who didn’t understand who I was, but playing Beetlejuice on loop in the lounge meant that by the time they left, they were fully educated.

I loved being green this year, though you could tell who and what I’d been stood next to or touched by following the green trail around the house, and I’m still finding green patches of skin that 4 showers have failed to remove. However, I’m undeterred and next year, I might try blue!



Cool Miss Argentina Halloween Costume

Cool Miss Argentina Halloween Costume

Cool Miss Argentina Halloween Costume

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