Cool Homemade Ninja Turtles Costume for a Group of Girls

Materials we used for this homemade Ninja Turtles costume:

  • green shirt
  • yellow paint
  • paper as a stencil for abs
  • disposable roasting pan
  • string
  • stretchy fabric in the color of your favorite ninja
  • weapon toy of your favorite ninja
  • green spray paint
  • faux leather fabric for the belt
  • wood circle piece for the initial that goes on the belt

Directions for making the costume:

  1. Spray paint the pan green. Dry. Add string to wear pan as a backpack/shell.
  2. Cut out ab shapes from paper. Trace it onto the green shirt. Paint the shirt abs yellow.
  3. Cut stretchy fabric into 5 different ribbon pieces for ties for the head, knees, arms, wrists.
  4. Cut faux leather into belt shape.
  5. Write the initial of the ninja onto a wooden circle piece. Superglue it onto the belt.