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Cool Homemade Cardboard Box Vending Machine Costume

When i asked my son what he would like to be for halloween he said a vending machine with drinks i was like ok well, so i got a lasge box and started cutting out and covered it in black paper and i printed out logos from computer and sings like push and coin return and me and my son had great fun looking at all the vending machines everywhere anyway i covered the box in black paper and edged with silver tape and we had fun drinking all the different juices for the empty cans and cartons and i made to we shelfs and used lots of double sided tape and i put tin foil in the inside were the drinks were and we blue lights it looked great all lite up and i put a pice of thin plastic on the front and a key pad mad of foam and stickers it was starting to look good i cut a hole at the top for his head and a hole at each side for his head , he was reall pleased so we went to a halloween party and he won first prize for best dressed and when we went to the school halloween disco he also won first prize and a certificate for best dressed and all the kids were coming over to put there money in for a drink and even some adults thought it was real and when we were leaving the school teacher had asked if we could donate it in to the school for a project about money week for the kids  so my son was the talk of the school the next day ,and he said mum your the best ever i was so chuffed  and proud then he said mum i cant wait till next halloween

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