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Boy’s Awesome Vending Machine Costume

Our 9 year old son chose to be a vending machine this year for Halloween. It turned out awesome!

We used a cardboard box with the 4 flaps extended out on the bottom. The outside box was painted with a black spray paint and we used leftover corner pieces from another box to create supports inside the box. We glued in the back of an old bookbag so that he could walk around and not have the weight of the box only on his arms. We cut out a window and glued in an additional smaller box that was spray painted silver for the chips/candy to sit in. The window was made from clear plastic sheets.

We then used a plastic slinkie from the dollar store and broke it into 9 sections. We glued the slinkie to the box. at each revolution. After we placed the chips/candy we glued them in so that they would not move.  We cut out a hole in the top of the box and added a battery operated light that our son could turn off and on.

Instead of having push buttons, our son chose to go more advanced with a touch screen for the item selection. We printed of pictures of each item and glued them to a white sheet of paper that we then covered with a piece of plexi glass. We cut out a whole in the box and glued it from the inside. We attached another battery operated light on the side of the box to light the touch screen up. We created a dollar bill insert from cardboard and used foil to make the change return.

For the ‘PUSH’ flap, we cut out a flap from the bottom flap of the box, spray painted it silver and attached cutout letters for PUSH. Behind the flap we glued in a box to catch his candy.

The Cheetos bag came loose and it turned out to be a great oops.

Although a little time consuming, this was an awesome costume and everyone loved it.

Boy's Awesome Vending Machine Costume

Boy's Awesome Vending Machine Costume

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