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Cool Father and Son Mythbusters Couple Costume

We had so much fun searching local thrift stores for items for our Adam and Jamie costumes. My son and my husband are huge fans of the Mythbusters show!!! The signs, rocket, and remote are all handmade. The rocket was made by rolling up a large piece of cardboard, putting a wooden circle inside of it to hold its shape, next we duct taped it all over, spray painting it, then adding the wings, and finally, we cut and hot-glued the felt shapes to it.The black t-shirt was made for the costume, also.

My husband and son loved these costumes! As we passed out fresh popcorn to over 350 trick-or-treaters in our small town, adult fans of the show would stop to take pictures with them. My son won a trophy for Adam at his school costume contest. He was so happy! These were very fun costumes to make, and the boys definitely had fun dressing up as their favorite Mythbusters.

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