This year I had my tenth child two months ago, and was on a limited budget to get everyone a great costume….but of course my 11 year old daughter Grace asks at the last minute for me to decide what she will be. I only had items from home and did not have access to go out to buy anything the night before Halloween, so I typed in “BOX “on the computer to get ideas and saw a box of chocolate, so I thought of Russel Stovers and tried to design it as something that could be worn.

I got a coat box from JCPenney (already white) and printed a Russel Stover picture that I glued on. I made the brown ribbon with marker around the box. The chocolates were made by wrapping pasta boxes,round gift boxes and a cardboard triangle with brown bag and painting it brown from my daughters furniture paint (which had a gloss to it and looked like real chocolate) We painted a few swirls on the tops after it dried,too.

We lined the box with tissue paper and glued in the “chocolates” after they were secured, we cut strips of black posterboard and folded and creased it to form the chocolate dividers . There was a hole in the back to pop her head thru the back.

Everyone loved her outfit( although someone thought she was a washing machine and didn’t know what “russel stover” chocolates were !)LOL

It was a zero cost unique costume!