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Coolest Children’s Cadbury Heroes Group Costume

We wanted something a little different for the children’s fancy dress this year and my neighbor mentioned “Chocolates” so we thought of the “Cadbury’s Heroes” chocolates! We made the large box out of purple tissue and stuck photocopied logos of the chocolates on and completely covered it in cellophane with a broom handle through the back for them to carry!
We made each individual costume out of more tissue paper colour coordinating the real wrappers, photocopied more logo’s and covered in cellophane, fanned the ends to look like twisted wrappers! I think the Homemade Children’s Cadbury Heroes Group Costume looked really great!

(We changed the Cadburys logo to the name of a place where the fancy dress was!!) There were 3 children that couldn’t make it so they carried the extra wrappers!

Coolest Homemade Costume Contest 2023

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