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Cool DIY Benny the Cab Driver from Halloweentown Costume

If you don’t remember, Benny here is the cab driver from Halloweentown. One of the movies most of my generation would watch every year around Halloween as kids. I decided to make a mask of Benny for my Halloween costume by using liquid latex mixed with flour to mold the mask onto a mannequin head.

I used my fingers dipped in liquid latex and sculpting tools dipped in liquid latex to sculpt the skull look. I created the top piece and the bottom jaw piece separately so that I can have more movement to talk. The teeth are fake nails pressed into the latex mixture. When removing a mask or prosthetic off the mannequin head I always use a generous amount of powder.

Really any kind of setting powder or even baby powder will do. Peel a little back at a time as you apply more powder with a fluffy brush onto the mask until it’s completely off the base. Once the mask was done drying for a day and removed from the base I painted it using cream paints of white mixed with some yellow and white mixed with some gray for shading.

Before taking pictures of the final project I went with my friend to get coffee and in the drive through everyone who saw me was scared at first and then seemed to immediately remember that I was dressed as a character from Halloweentown, whether they remembered the name or not.

It was really cool to make the mask and see how it was coming together each step of the way. I also bought skeleton gloves and a black hat to finish the look. I really love the pictures taken inside the car because it gives me more of the vibe of Benny, the driver.

I wish I could’ve used a cab to get the pictures but I still have the mask so maybe some day I can. It’s really fun to make things like masks, prosthetics, and props to me because I can keep them forever and it’s a project of mine I can carry with me. A lot of makeup looks you can apply the makeup and then you’re left with just the pictures you took but I love that I can look at the physical thing I created as well and let others take pictures with them if they’d like.

I hope to continue to build my collection of my creations.

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