I got this idea when spotting a couple of boxes lying in the shop here at our Napa Autocare Center; visualized them as Thomas the Train..My friend’s little 3 year old is in love with Thomas; his whole bedroom is filled with comforters, blankets, toys, toyboxes, train cars, plates, cups, clear down to a knife, fork and spoon.  His name is Austin but has had the nickname Boo Boo Bear since day one…He decided he wanted to help with this task, which turned out taking several hours to put together.  He helped do the painting as one of the first chores.  However, we were at the local hardware store for 3 hours trying to get the color of the paint mixed correctly, my fault actually for not taking a color sample with me.  The first few times we left and brought the paint back to our store realizing it was almost like a sky blue, not even close.  I finally told the clerk who was mixing it to add lots of the dark instead of a few drops at a time…i think the coolest part of the train is the smokestack  allowing the candy to be dropped through it into a 5 gallon bucket inside, so therefore Austin could collect 5 gal of candy without realizing the weight of it as Thomas is perfectly mounted on a wagon, Boo sits inside and gets pulled around.  We had a set of flashing red lights from an old advertising sign which became the tail lights that blinked off and on with its own switch to turn it off.  We used everything from coffee cans cut in half for the front wheelhouse, and the lids for centers of the wheels and used lids from aerosol cans for the hubs on the sides of the wheels.  Also had some reflective tape which turned out perfect that we use on our school bus fleet and with the flash of the camera made Thomas look like he had lights on the side.  We entered Thomas in our church Trunk or Treat and got 1st place.  I asked him what he was going to do with Thomas when we were finished and he replied, “I am gonna put it in Mommy and Daddy’s bedroom….I love the little Boo and had so much fun putting this together.  He is my little buddy and although we are not related at all he calls this old man “Uncle Hanky.”