I was looking for an actual train for my son to wear on Halloween. I couldn’t find anything to buy so I started researching how to make a Thomas Train by hand. I want to thank all the other parents who submitted their pictures and crafting info on a choo choo Thomas costume. You were a blessing in helping complete this project.

I thought I would be able to spray paint the main boxes and make it faster. Wrong! I ended up painting everything by hand using acrylic paint. I used 2 bottles of bright blue, 1 bottle of bright yellow, 1 bottle of true red, 1 bottle of black, 1 bottle of silver. I would suggest buying the large bottle of blue just in case. I used small round party plates in the bright yellow, black and the large silver.  The main box is from a box of apples at the grocery store and the back box is from an online shoe purchase.  Both were hand painted blue with 2 coats.

The bumper if a painted recycle piece from a child’s puzzle package and the license plate is a painted soapbox and then I glittered Choo on it. The red fringe is from the Christmas section of the craft store and then cut to about 4 inches long. I made the face for Thomas with a round paper mâché box glued and painted. I then glued a paper mâché mask I found in the craft store and cut into a round shape. I painted this a silver color with acrylic paint.  The eyes are the plastic craft wiggle eyes that move and add more character. I cut the whistles out of extra yellow paper plates and accidentally glued them on backwards. I had to buy the suspenders from Party City because I couldn’t find any second hand. I attached then inside the box by gluing ribbon to the box in the shape of a loop. The whistle is a swim noodle that is cut and colored black. The additional railroad, Thomas and Sodor decals are recycled pieces from a prior Thomas party this year.  Everything was attached with a hot glue gun with the exception of the the glittered decal.