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Coolest DIY Child Sea Monster Costume

Here is my son, the Sea Monster. Once he has this costume on, he does become a Sea Monster! He runs and growls, and makes sudden appearances on unsuspecting family members!

The idea of becoming Sea Monster was his. It is in his heart and soul (loves to swim, dive, and cliff jump).

I made costume myself. I bought fabrics from Jo Ann Store. I sewed the body from one fabric, then sewed the “seaweed” fabric on top of it.

The lips are blue fabric rolled and sewed on mask. The teeth and eyes are white felt. The claws are made from finger lights with glue sticks glued on top of it, making it longer and brighter.

I made the gloves from fabric (with web between fingers), then pushed the glue stick through the holes on top of each finger. The finger lights are inside the gloves.

He can put this costume on when he wants to. For any occasion (going to store, home, parties, when he is invited to play dates, walk in the park, etc). It is very durable! He loves to put it on!

child sea monster costume

child sea monster costume

child sea monster costume

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