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150+ Refreshingly Original DIY Cold Drink Costumes

Throw back a cold one with these refreshingly awesome homemade costumes. From soft drinks to wine, you will find the coolest thirst-quenching ensembles here. Also, discover the amazing tutorials in order to create these DIY cold drink costumes.

Better than wearing them, half the fun is creating a frosty drink out of non-liquid materials. Take a careful look at the construction designs on these fantastic costumes. The creativity is truly impressive.

In addition, these make super fun couple costumes. Let the world know how you feel about your partner by making them the salt to your tequila or the Coke to your Pepsi. Also, group costumes are extremely popular. Check out the coolest family that became the #shareacoke campaign.

So, slake your thirst for homemade costumes with these clever design ideas.  These are totally the DIY costumes you need to make a splash on Halloween.

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