Coolest Teen Wolf Costume

Homemade Teen Wolf Costume

This year my friend had a Halloween party, we had it the week before so I made a Homemade Teen Wolf Costume inspired by the prom scene from the original 1985 film. The hair: I bought a love guru wig and beard set from ebay and customised by making shorter and attaching some flesh coloured … Read more

Coolest Teen Wolf Homemade Costume Idea

Homemade Teen Wolf Costume

I went all out for this Teen Wolf costume and it really paid off. I purchased a high school basketball uniform and had the team name and number screen-printed onto it. I also went on eBay and purchased a full body wolf suit. I picked up the remaining makeup from the Halloween USA store. The … Read more

Original Teen Wolf DIY Halloween Costume

Homemade Teen Wolf Costume

This year I wanted to do something nostalgic that involved basketball for my costume, so Teen Wolf was a natural choice. I bought a latex mask from “Scream Team”, fangs, lots and lots of hair, which I applied using a bottle of liquid latex, ears, and a basketball uniform; I was then ready to go! … Read more

Creative DIY Teen Wolf Costume

Teen Wolf Costume

For this Teen Wolf costume he purchased tons of fake hair (like weave from a beauty supply), face paint, fangs and an old basket ball uniform from a thrift store. He purchased iron ons and cut out the letters for “beavers” on the jersey. It took a while and cost a little more to glue … Read more

Awesome Homemade Teen Wolf Halloween Costume

Homemade Teen Wolf Halloween Costume

This is the example of my Homemade Teen Wolf Halloween Costume. I worked really hard on it and in total, I spent probably around $100 on it. The fur came from a craft store in their fabric section. This was the most difficult part of my costume. No one had good brown fur until I … Read more

Cool Homemade Teenwolf Costume

Homemade Teenwolf Costume

This was a Teenwolf Costume I made from scratch earlier this year, the Delorean was hired. I used some fluffy cushions for the arms and a cropped monkey mask and wig for the head. I won 1st prize!