Coolest Harvey Dent Two Face Costume

Homemade Harvey Dent Two Face Costume

I was sworn in as a new attorney on October 31 and felt “Two-Face” from the Batman series was the appropriate character for me this Halloween. To make the mask, I started by layering liquid latex over a foam head and using fabric paint to build up scars and muscle tissue. Then, to add a … Read more

Cool Two Face Costume

Homemade Two Face Costume

This is my brother’s Two Face Halloween Costume. He bought a cheap suit from our local Goodwill for about $20. He spray painted the left side a blue color. Wanting to give it a burned look I tried to burn it with a lighter but that didn’t work. My father help me burn it by … Read more

Coolest Two Face Costume

Coolest Two Face Costume 9

My girlfriend decided to be the joker for Halloween. We usually do couples costumes so I thought I would make a Two Face costume. I went to thrift stores and bought a grey jacket, a white button down, and a tie to match Harvey Dent’s clothing in the Dark Knight. I used a pair of … Read more

Coolest Lady Two Face Costume

Homemade Lady Two Face Costume

Hello Bat-fans! Much to the delight of my 9 year old (who thoroughly checked my costuming for authenticity), I decided to ring in Halloween this year with a female version of the immortal Batman Comics character Two-Face! Specifically, I chose to reenact the version from the animated series (My kid’s favorite)…but with boobs. I started … Read more

Coolest Homemade Harvey Dent Two Face Costume

Homemade Harvey Dent Two Face Costume

With so many Jokers running around last Halloween, I wanted to do something with TDK not involving the Joker. I’ve always loved Two face anyway, and he was amazing in TDK, it was just that the Joker stole the screen. To procure my Homemade Harvey Dent Two Face Costume, I spent about 20 dollars total … Read more

Coolest Homemade Two Face Costume

Homemade Two Face Costume

I spent the first couple of days scuffing, charring and applying shoe polish and charcoal powder to a cheap suit, tie and dress shirt. I singed the frayed pieces of the suit jacket with matches to give it a melted look. Once I was happy with the way the suit looked, I began working on … Read more