Coolest Homemade Harvey Dent Two Face Costume

With so many Jokers running around last Halloween, I wanted to do something with TDK not involving the Joker. I’ve always loved Two face anyway, and he was amazing in TDK, it was just that the Joker stole the screen.

To procure my Homemade Harvey Dent Two Face Costume, I spent about 20 dollars total on the clothing, make up was another 20. I bought a black pinstripe suit from Goodwill and a white shirt, and black tie. To create the holes, I cut out sections and burned the edges (only do this with a damp towel standing by to smother the flame, as they do get big, QUICKLY).

I then took black acrylic paint to create the melted fabric look, it took two coats to achieve the right look because the fabric absorbed the first coat.

Having a Mohawk at the time really helped with the burned hair side of the head, what I did was gel down my hair (to protect it and keep it flat), and cut a rubber bald cap in half and painted it, I fastened it with spirit gum after the gel on my hair had dried. It pulled a bit around the edges when taking it off, but it was well worth it. Make up was magic, scar tissue first then just applied the black and red, and blended until the desired affect was achieved.