Coolest Lady Two Face Costume

Hello Bat-fans! Much to the delight of my 9 year old (who thoroughly checked my costuming for authenticity), I decided to ring in Halloween this year with a female version of the immortal Batman Comics character Two-Face! Specifically, I chose to reenact the version from the animated series (My kid’s favorite)…but with boobs.

I started by scouring every thrift store in a 30 mile radius for reasonably priced ladies’ pantsuits. Failing that, I found a solution with four separate pieces. One white blazer, one black pinstriped blazer, one pair of white pants and then onto a tireless search for matching pinstriped pants…success! In total, my thrift shopping spree tallied a whopping $5.50.

I rushed home, grabbed my scissors and split everything right up the middle! I hopped on my sewing machine and got to stitching well into the night with the rhythmic sound of machined thread encouraging me to finish. After a few too many fittings and pin pricks in my untrained sewing fingers, the largest element of my costume was complete!

Though it’s difficult to see in the photos, I also wore a corset under the jacket which was comprised of a black and white corset that I laced together.

Next, came the fun part! To create the look of Two-Face’s agape lips and bared jaw, I used a fun and surprisingly easy method of creating a custom prosthetic. I simply grabbed a handful of toilet paper and coated it with liquid latex that I purchased at a costume store. I meticulously formed the shape with my fingers, making sure to outline the lips and gums and align spaces where the teeth would be applied.

After the latex was set and dried, I glued in 8 press-on nails to serve as Two-Face’s jagged protruding teeth. The particular brand of nails that I used was marketed to little girls so they were small and perfectly sized for my purposes. I used a fingernail file and buffed off the tiny embellished butterflies and shaped them to my liking.

After everything was dry, I painted the piece with acrylic paint and glued it to my face using spirit gum. I chose to create a heavy contrast between the sides of my face by making my “normal side” as glamorous as possible. I dyed my hair a bright shade of red and created large barrel curls.

I then applied dark eyeliner, a red pouty lip, a long lash and beauty mark to accentuate the “glamour side”. Next came the blue… I very carefully traced the side of my face in the straightest line possible. I painted everything blue from the tip of my hairline, covering my ear and all the way to beneath the corset. Then allowed the paint to dry and sprayed myself with setting spray…yuck. I then added grotesque detail with a black eye liner that I normally use on a daily basis.

My yellow contact that I commissioned specifically for this project is not pictured as it creeped out my two year old. Ha-ha. I put the finishing touches on the costume by mangling the “bad side” of my hair and forming it into a messy up-do and spray painting it white. I also painted my fingernails in the contrasting colors and painted some sexy high-heels to top off the black & white menagerie.

…and of course, Two-Face wouldn’t be Two-Face without HER lucky coin! I trolled the internet and found a double headed FEMALE faced coin to add the perfect touch to both sides of this fiendish villain! Hope you enjoy! It sure was a blast to make and a blast to wear!

Homemade Lady Two Face Costume

Homemade Lady Two Face Costume

Homemade Lady Two Face Costume

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  1. Wow, that is so cool and can’t believe that you made that entire outfit for so cheap…it looks incredible, I wish I had the forethought and talent to come up with all of that….you go girl!

  2. Ash! Absolutely the most creative costume I’ve ever seen! Great job on the entire outfit and all the makeup!

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