Cool Two Face Costume

This is my brother’s Two Face Halloween Costume. He bought a cheap suit from our local Goodwill for about $20. He spray painted the left side a blue color. Wanting to give it a burned look I tried to burn it with a lighter but that didn’t work. My father help me burn it by using a torch. That was a lot quicker and made it look a lot better.

My brother though, did his own face paint as well as his arm. I also made a pin for him that looked like the own in Dark Knight the reads “I believe in Harvey Dent”.

Homemade Two Face Costume

Homemade Two Face Costume

Homemade Two Face Costume

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  1. Each year I get to see Josh’s costume pictures because his aunt is so proud of what he does and rightfully so! He’s quite an artistic and talented individual and I absolutely LOVE this! thank you for sharing!


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