Coolest Homemade Gene Simmons Costume

Homemade Gene Simmons Costume

I started this Homemade Gene Simmons Costume about 7 years ago. It started very simple and has grown over the years to look as it does today. The cape was made from pleather material bought at local sewing shops. It has two large “suspenders” which connect to the top of the cape near the shoulders … Read more

Coolest Homemade Ziggy Stardust Costume

Homemade Ziggy Stardust Costume

I had tickets to a celebrity look-alike show, and decided to work with what I had – short, bright red hair, and a sewing machine. The particular homemade Ziggy Stardust costume I chose to make was striped with pink, blue and silver, with a green, silver and orange striped collar and shoulder pieces. Naturally, it’s … Read more

Coolest Homemade Katy Perry and Russell Brand Couple Costume

Homemade Katy Perry and Russell Brand Couple Costume

Katy Perry and Russell Brand just got hitched! What great timing for my boyfriend and I because we decided to dress up as them for Halloween. I made my Katy Perry – California Girls costume from scratch. I had the tank top, sun glasses and sequin skirt so all I bought was the candy and … Read more

Coolest Homemade Michael Jackson Family Themed Costume

Homemade Michael Jackson Family Themed Costume

In our family, we celebrate Purim, a Jewish holiday. We dress up every year, always something different, something new. We put it together ourselves, and work weeks and weeks to make sure everything is perfect. This past year, Michael Jackson passed on, and being a big fan of his work, we decided to dedicate our … Read more

Coolest Richard Simmons Costume

Coolest Richard Simmons Costume

Although Richard Simmons has been done before, I wanted to go for authenticity. The shorts are the key to the entire costume…they must be red and white striped and very (very) short. This was easier said than done, as you can’t buy red and white striped shorts online (there is probably a good reason for … Read more

Coolest Lady Gaga Meat Dress Costume

Lady Gaga Meat Dress Costume

LADY GAGA in the MEAT DRESS, Boston, MA This Lady Gaga Meat Dress Costume was the best and most fun costume ever. It took me a long time to make but was well worth it. The inspiration was clearly from the media and Lady Gaga’s unparalleled fame and crazy getups. There were several other Lady … Read more

Coolest Ola Ray from Michael Jackson’s Thriller Costume

Homemade Ola Ray from Michael Jackson's Thriller Costume

Michael Jackson is my absolute favorite artist of all time. Thriller is an iconic song for the Halloween season. So I took a slightly different angle for the typical “Thriller” based costume…Ola Ray! Here is how I made my Homemade Ola Ray from Michael Jackson’s Thriller Costume. I found the blue leopard bodysuit and the … Read more

Coolest LMFAO Couple Costumes

Homemade LMFAO Couple Costumes

I had a fancy dress work night out coming up, and I wanted to go all out and come up with something they wouldn’t forget. the LMFAO song “everyday I’m sufflin” had just been released and I loved the Leo print costume Red Foo was wearing, so I asked my mate Linzi if she would … Read more

Coolest Pamela Anderson Costume

Homemade Pamela Anderson Costume

I spent ages on thinking of a costume for my friends fancy dress party. I wanted something unique that know one else would have. I looked around the costume shop, but i really didn’t want a bought costume. I saw few bits like the blow up boobs and I thought that I could make a … Read more

Cool DIY Baby Elvis Costume

Homemade Baby Elvis Costume

We love Elvis so it was only natural to dress our son up like this when he was a baby. Items Used: White Jumpsuit, Gold and White Shiny Fabric, Gold Squeeze Paint, Velcro, White Sneakers, Aviator Sunglasses. I just ripped the hems out of the legs and arms and inserted triangle shaped pieces of gold … Read more

Gene Simmons Costume

Gene Simmons Costume

I built this Gene Simmons costume in 2005 as the climax to a 10 year long journey into rock stardom. Since I was 13 I have been Gene on Halloween, ironically that first time was the best costume by far before this one, but I never got pictures. (Since then I just painted my face … Read more