Coolest Homemade Angelina Jolie Costume

Homemade Angelina Jolie Costume

The title here is pretty self explanatory I think. But yes, I was Angelina Jolie last year for Halloween. Personally, I think it was one of my best costumes yet. Every year I go to a huge block party in the city and never in my life have I been asked to pose for so … Read more

Coolest Homemade Michael Jackson LIVES Costume

Homemade Michael Jackson LIVES Costume

The Homemade Michael Jackson LIVES Costume was homemade by my mother. She just put black sequences on the jacket, spray painted shoes, bought a wig, sequenced a shirt, and got a hat! Then put it together on my son!

Coolest Homemade Kiss Family Halloween Costume

Homemade Kiss Family Halloween Costume

I got this homemade Kiss family Halloween costume idea from this website and talked my four kids into being Kiss for Halloween. I started by purchasing a plain black shirt and leggings for each kid at Target. Then I went to JoAnne Fabric and purchased 2 yards of silver shimmery fabric. I used all two … Read more

Coolest Homemade Thriller Costume

Homemade Thriller Costume

Both of my children wanted to go as Michael Jackson from Thriller – one as the werewolf, and the other as the zombie. Thriller costume jackets are expensive, and hard to find in children’s sizes. So I decided to make my own homemade Thriller costumes. I found red vinyl rain jackets on clearance, cut the … Read more

Cute Homemade Lady Gaga Costume

Homemade Lady Gaga Costume

This Homemade Lady Gaga Costume is actually easier to make then you think. I bought a one piece from the lingerie section in Wal-Mart. I had black sunglasses that I put rhinestones on, cut the fingers off a pair of black gloves and sprinkled some glitter on them and bought fake nails. I also purchased … Read more

Coolest Homemade Billy Mays Costume

Homemade Billy Mays Costume

Since my son didn’t have a blue shirt. He used my husband’s, but he did have the khaki pants. White t-shirt underneath the blue one. Parted and styled his hair to the side. Painted a black beard with those Halloween make up kits. My husband had a silver heavy watch for him to wear. For … Read more

Coolest Ditka and Refrigerator Perry Couples Costume

Homemade Ditka & Refrigerator Perry Couples Costume

As you can probably assume, my husband came up with this Homemade Ditka & Refrigerator Perry Couples Costume idea. As a true football fanatic he had always wanted to dress up as Mike Ditka, however we couldn’t figure out the perfect couple pairing. Then one night after a few drinks he and his friends came … Read more

Coolest Bjork and Swedish Chef Couple Costume

Homemade Bjork and Swedish Chef Couple Costume

We went as Bjork and Swedish Chef Couple Costume (Bork! Bork! Bork!). Okay some thought we were just a chef, a duck, but the more cultured of the group got it. For Bjork: a can can from my old clogging days and a feather boa turned into swan dress. The most fun was the hair. … Read more

Coolest LMFAO Robot Costume

Coolest LMFAO Robot Costume 02

I am a single mom of a 12 year old boy and he wanted to be last minute the shuffle robot off of LMFAO. So after work on Halloween I put together a robot costume made out of a cardboard box used lights for eyes Gold wrap paper wrapped around box. Red see through flower … Read more

Coolest Bjork in Swan Dress Costume

Homemade Bjork in Swan Dress Costume

I made the infamous Bjork swan dress for Halloween. It was super easy. I took the crinoline that I wore under my wedding dress and took off the top layer of fabric so the tulle was showing. I glued feathers to that and shortened it so that it would be the right length. I wore … Read more

Coolest ABBA Costume

Homemade ABBA Costume

This ABBA costume was so easy to make. I bought 2 oversize white t-shirts, a few bottles of puff paint, blue fringe, 1/2 yard blue fabric, and 4 roles white duck tape. I took the white shirts and made them into tasteful mini dresses, slit the side making sure it didn’t show too much. I … Read more

Coolest Amy Lee Costume

Homemade Amy Lee Costume

Last year I decided to be Amy Lee from the band Evanescence. I tried to recreate her outfit from “Going Under” but it looks like I just ended up wearing things she would on stage. Since I did this Homemade Amy Lee Costume last minute, I couldn’t find the proper corset so I had to … Read more

Coolest Homemade AXL Rose and Slash Couple Costume

Homemade AXL Rose and Slash Couple Costume

Easy costume for Homemade AXL Rose and Slash Couple Costume: AXL: large blonde wig, handkerchief for head, vintage sunglasses, Guns and Roses T-shirt (better Jesus Christ T-shirt), shorts or Scottish skirt, tattoos, micro stand, micro (with sponge). Slash: curly wig, top hat, vintage sunglasses, guitar, mini marshall.

Cool Homemade Kiss Demon Costume

Homemade Kiss Demon Costume

My husband Paul made this Homemade Kiss Demon Costume for our son Jordan. When we saw Kiss here in Halifax back in July, my son thought it would be great to dress up like Gene Simmons. The costume is basically made of cardboard and foam. The boots are made of sneakers with clay to form … Read more

Coolest Lady Gaga Origami Dress Costume

Lady Gaga Origami Dress Costume

For my birthday this last year, my brother threw me a celebrity-themed CLUE party! I drew the character for Lady Gaga. I took a dress that I had, hemmed the bottom with safety pins about three or four inches; I took an old black T shirt and cut it into strips to map out where … Read more

Coolest Marilyn Monroe Costume

Homemade Marilyn Monroe Costume

I was shopping at the thrift store trying to find costume ideas because I hate packaged costumes and I came upon this adorable dress. It was the same style as the famous white dress Marilyn wore but in black and white polka dots, but it worked and I found some cheap jewelry and a wig … Read more

Coolest Homemade Classic Mr. T Costume

Homemade Classic Mr. T Costume

I’ve been planning this Homemade Classic Mr. T Costume for about 6 months, and made sure to try and get the look down perfect. Despite the must items: haircut, and jewelry, I think the feather earrings and overalls put it over the top. It was easy to put together. I just used old overalls from … Read more

Coolest Homemade Chiquita Banana Costume for a Girl

Homemade Chiquita Banana Girl Costume

This Homemade Chiquita Banana Girl Costume was handmade with lots of love by Aubrey’s grandma Nancy. She modified a pattern to create this great look that is inspired by the Chiquita Banana lady. The dress is made of shiny satin fabric with slight sparkle accents. The skirt has boning to keep its shape so each … Read more

Carmen Miranda Halloween Costumes

I made this Carmen Miranda costume for my daughter several years ago. A friend of mine was doing an “It’s a Small World” float for our local parade. All of the children were to dress from a different country. After looking up costumes at our local library I decided on a Carmen Miranda look. I … Read more