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Coolest Homemade Sarah Palin Costume

When thinking about a celeb who was famous for wearing specs in the run up to Halloween 2008, there was only really one topical contender; Alaska’s finest, Sarah Palin. So I made myself a Homemade Sarah Palin Costume.

I bought a cheap red blazer from eBay and pinned it at the back to make it fit. Another online purchase was a ‘McCain/Palin 08’ election badge to adorn the jacket. The trousers were just a plain black smart pair.

The hair was a big issue, because I don’t have a fringe/bangs. I discovered (much to my horror) that you can buy attachable ones online, so I took the plunge! It doesn’t look great in this photo, but it worked well to the point where close friends wondered if I’d always had that hair or not.

The rest of my hair was bouffanted up to within an inch of its life and hairsprayed heavily and clipped at the back.

As for the make up, I basically put on twice as much foundation, concealer and powder as I would normally. I also did tons of blusher and pale pink lipstick, applied liberally throughout the evening. The effect was that flatmate told me I’d aged 20 years instantly she felt like she was looking at the me from the future. Perfect!

I carried an American flag around with me all night. I drank Bud with some ‘Joe Six Packs’. On the tube on the way to the party, I managed to bump into another Palin, who was carrying a hockey stick, which was a great idea too.

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