Coolest KISS Group Costume

KISStory Costume

We most definitely made history this year! Every year since 2004 our office has dressed up. This one particular year we went with the KISS theme. It was a great time, and the only difficult part was trying to get the makeup to look right! The costumes were very simple to make… we all owned … Read more

Coolest Homemade Davy Crockett Costume

Homemade Davy Crockett Costume

My son is not into the normal store bought costumes, so he wanted a Homemade Davy Crockett Costume. He already had the play gun, knife, and we found the coonskin cap and water can at a yard sale. I bought the tan faux suede material and trim on the clearance section at Wal-Mart. I measured … Read more

Coolest Homemade Evolution of Britney Spears Group Costume

Homemade Evolution of Britney Spears Group Costume

My friends and I decided that Britney Spears could not be captured in just one costume, so we decided to make 8 (only 7 shown in the picture) costumes in her honor. From left-right we have “Baby One More Time”, “Toxic”, “Like a Virgin”, “I’m a Slave For You”, “Oops!…I Did it Again”, “Me Against … Read more

Coolest The White Stripes (Jack & Meg White) Costume

Homemade The White Stripes (Jack & Meg White) Costume

Last Halloween my boyfriend and I started brainstorming “couple costume ideas”. Neither of us were huge on the idea of doing a couple costume, but we figured if we came up with something worthwhile, we would do it. I tried thinking of iconic couples or duos, and eventually came up with The White Stripes (Jack … Read more

Coolest Homemade Kiss Demon Costume

Homemade Kiss Demon Costume

Kenny’s Homemade Kiss Demon Costume. Supplies: • Black t-shirt (preferably fitted, ours was too baggy) • Black shiny workout pants (found in women’s athletic wear) • Black satin material • 3or 4 wire coat hangers • Silver sequins • Iron on rhinestuds (We used round and square. Buy WAY more than you think you will … Read more

Coolest Homemade Bjork Costume

Homemade Bjork Costume

I really wanted to replicate Bjork’s famous Oscar dress because I love how irreverent and unique it is. I think this Bjork Costume came out well! I made it Halloween night, just hours before I planned to go out so it is a little unfinished in spots but I like what it added to the … Read more

Coolest Homemade Cyndi Lauper Kids Costume

Homemade Cyndi Lauper Kids Costume

My 4 year-old daughter is a big “Just Dance” fan on the Wii, so she chose a Homemade Cyndi Lauper Kids Costume as her Halloween costume. I found a layered skirt on clearance, and added embellishments from ribbons and stick-on jewels to it. I got the vest for $.99 on eBay, and I bought the … Read more

Coolest Homemade Blue Man Group Costume

Homemade Blue Man Group Costume

Me and three of my friends needed something really cool to be for Halloween so we kept thinking and we decided….. BLUE MEN! it would be totally cool and we were the only ones out there! This Blue Man Group Costume was so easy too! We wore all black and then painted our hands, faces … Read more

Coolest Abraham Lincoln Costume

Homemade Abraham Lincoln Costume

This Homemade Abraham Lincoln Costume is a salvaged child sized suit from the Thrift store with a white shirt and bow tie (also Thrift store) with a stove pipe hat made from oatmeal can plus a cardboard circle wrapped in black duct tape. Synthetic hair and spirit gum and a black make-up mole finish it … Read more

Coolest DIY Mr. T Costume for a Woman

Homemade Mr. T Costume

My name is Lindsay and for a costume golf tournament a few years ago I decided to go as Mr. T. Being female, I felt that my biggest challenge was figuring out how I could even try to begin to mimic Mr. T’s body. I ordered a fake chest online and built the rest of … Read more

Coolest Grateful Dead Bear Costume

Homemade Grateful Dead Bear Costume

This Homemade Grateful Dead Bear Costume was such a hit! and so easy to make! If you’re crafty you can make your own custom fur costume, but if you’re not as crafty you can buy one. You can easily turn a costume base from another costume to make your dead bear (ex: Elmo, Cookie Monster, … Read more

Coolest Sexy Abraham Lincoln Costume

Homemade Sexy Abraham Lincoln Costume

This “BABErham” costume was to poke fun at the idea that costume companies have a “sexy” version of every type of costume. There’s never been a Sexy Abraham Lincoln, for good reason, so I decided to create a Homemade Sexy Abraham Lincoln Costume myself. I used materials I already had, high heel shoes, nude fishnet … Read more

Stages of Britney Spears Costume

Homemade Stages of Britney Spears Costume

Here are the Stages of Britney Spears Costume. For each costume we tried to get as much detail as we could. I was “Crazy Bald Britney”, for this I used a bald cap applied with spirit gum, a single strand of pearls, gray zip up hoodie, white cotton shorts, white tennis shoes and of course … Read more

Coolest Shakira She Wolf Costume

Homemade Shakira She Wolf Costume

This Halloween I decided to be adventurous and dress up like sexy Shakira from her video She Wolf. I got a black unitard and cut out the right shoulder, a hole in the right side of stomach, and cut out the left leg. I made the necklace with gold leafs and brown feathers. I used … Read more

Coolest Flavor Flav Costume

Homemade Flavor Flav Costume

The only thing I bought for this Flavor Flav costume was the viking hat. I hooked a wall clock to a chain and sewed my cape! I thought this guy was crazy after seeing him on VH1 and I had to be him for Halloween in 2006. All of my friends loved it!

Coolest Duct Tape Kiss Costumes

Homemade Duct Tape Kiss Costumes

Kiss fans unite! We used Silver and black duct tape and a whole lot of cardboard to make these Duct Tape Kiss Costumes. Black spray paint and glue. We even did platform boots, we cut off the foam heels of platform sandals and added them to pairs of boots. In order to create Ace’s outfote … Read more

Coolest Homemade Female Kiss Costume

Homemade Female Kiss Costume

I have never actually bought a Halloween Costume. Growing up my parents believed Halloween was a chance to show your creativity. This year we decided to go as Kiss. Just facepaint, and some rock and roll clothing, and you have the Homemade Female Kiss Costume!

Cool DIY Lady Gaga Costume

Homemade Lady Gaga Costume

I’m a big Lady Gaga Fan and I have followed her fashions and looks for quite some time. With Lady Gaga there are so many different looks to choose from! I was browsing through some of her more photographed looks and came up with this Lady Gaga Costume. She has done several variations on this … Read more

Coolest Homemade Prince Costume

Homemade Prince Costume

I love Prince. i found this one piece suit in my mom’s closet, she claims it used to be hot. I sprayed some boots, cut a guitar out of plywood with a jigsaw. This Homemade Prince Costume was pretty straightforward.

Mae West Cheap Halloween Costume

I can really only claim the bottom portion of this costume and head piece as a “home made” costume. The top is from a lingerie store. I wanted a luxurious look that would turn heads but still have some class. I wanted a cheap Halloween costume but in the end it wasn’t so cheap at … Read more

Coolest Bjork Halloween Costume

Bjork Halloween Costume

Halloween is my most favorite holiday and I wanted to have a unique costume that didn’t cost a bundle and run the chance that someone else might be wearing it. I love Bjork and her music, so I decided to make her infamous swan dress. First I bought a pair of white tights and stuffed … Read more

Coolest Jon Stewart Costume

Jon Stewart Costume

Believe it or not, my nine year old came up with this idea for a Jon Stewart costume. For the TV we used a shipping card board (an apple computer box, since it was sturdier). We covered it in silver duct tape and attached the Comedy Central logo and the logo for the Daily Show. … Read more

Coolest Homemade Cheech and Chong Couple Costume

Homemade Cheech and Chong Couple Costume

My husband and I were Cheech and Chong from the Up in Smoke Battle of the bands scene! We were the hit of the party, my husband even had a little roadie guitar as a prop. Image the looks we got when HE was the one in the pink tutu and I had a full … Read more