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Coolest Homemade Amy Winehouse Costume

I wore this Homemade Amy Winehouse Costume for Rock Star day for homecoming week. I’m a high school teacher and one of my students asked if I’d be his escort, so I made it a point to dress up with him for the whole week. We had a “candyland” theme and everyday was a different candy, Rock Star day was for Rock Candy! It was a HIT!

My costume made it into the yearbook! I bought the wig at Walmart ($7-10); it was your standard long straight black wig but I back-combed the crown to get the height and those are my bangs! Everything else was actually in my closet!! A red belt, skinny jeans, plaid heels, black army-style blouse, exaggerated make-up, of course a blacked-out tooth and I had my brother draw on her tattoos! The only thing left was the drugs! Totally not allowed on campus, but everything else was pretty spot-on! My students begged me to wipe the blackened tooth off but I refused! It was a great day!

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