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Best DIY Mummy Costume for a Boy – Last Minute and Easy!

I took on the challenge of making the best DIY Mummy costume for my seven-year-old Tyler who decided he wanted to be something creepy for Halloween.

I made this mummy costume by cutting old white t-shirts into strips and then dying them with tea. They sat in the tea for 4 hours. Then, I rinsed them, dried them and then hand washed them so he didn’t smell like tea. I hot glued the strips to a pair of long johns we had.  Occasionally, I knotted them around the legs and left some strips hanging to create a “been lying around” look. 

I attached strips to a stocking cap that way he could remove that at school. For the arms I attached strips that were long enough to go around. Then I tied and knotted them under the arms so there was lots of knots and strings hanging down. 

I put a lot of hours into this and it was really the best DIY Mummy costume. He absolutely loved it. 

Because of the hot glue it was heavy, more than 4 times the original weight. He was warm because most of the strips overlapped. He was the only mummy in his classroom and the only mummy out trick or treating. My husband had been showing the costume off to his customers and pretty much everybody he talked to. People have said they want me to make them or their husband’s one because it’s something they can wear over and over again. It looked better than wrapping toilet paper around their body. 

This was the second DIY Mummy costume I made this year. I learned from the first one to stretch the material while gluing so I didn’t have to redo it. Ended up gluing the front and back together a couple of times so I had to fix that so he could actually get it on. 

I glued the pop bottle (what I was using 2 stretch the material out) to the costume a few times as well.  It didn’t turn out too bad considering my son chose a mummy the Friday before Halloween… I had only been asking for a month what he wanted to be!

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