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Awesome Shrek and Fiona Couple Costume

My boyfriend and I have been making our Halloween costumes for the last few years and have tried to go bigger and better each year. This awesome Shrek and Fiona couple costume was our most recent endeavor. We wanted to try something with a different color skin, so we went with Shrek and Fiona.

For the Shrek costume, we simply went to Goodwill to find some clothes matching Shreks’. My boyfriend wasn’t all that excited about wearing tights, so instead we bought cheap dark brown dress pants that would be terribly out of style in any other occasion. We also bought him a knit off-white shirt a couple sizes too big and an ugly leather vest. We cut the vest short and cut a v-neck in the white shirt. Last was a belt to tie around his waist on top of the shirt and his costume was complete!

For Fiona, we went to Goodwill as well. I bought a dark green choir-looking dress with shoulder pads and cut it short. Fiona’s dress is actually long-sleeved and floor length, but I wanted to make it a little cuter. I cut the shoulder pads out and glued some gold ribbon along the edges to cover the fringe. I paired it with some dark green shoes with a little gold glitter glue on them. And that was it!

For the ears for both costumes, I got some light-weight foam-like molding clay and molded ears onto some headbands. For the skin, we simply used hair color spray. We sprayed any part of our body that was showing, including all of my legs and arms. We also sprayed the ears with this color so they would match our skin.

We are very proud of our costumes and we hope you like them too!!

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