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Awesome DIY Witch Doctor Halloween Costume

Each year my husband and I help our youngest get dressed up for his VHS Band Halloween Party. We try to go as elaborate as we can without buying too much and using as much stuff as we have gathered or can pull together from home. This year he wanted to use stilts and thought a witch doctor would be cool. So he practiced on sheet rock stilts for about two months and we pulled this costume together in about three hours.

Procedure for Making The Awesome DIY Witch Doctor Halloween Costume:

  • He wore plain black pants which were about one size too big held up but suspenders.
  • The pant extensions are queen size black pillow cases cut at the end seam and elastic sewn in and tied under the pant legs.
  • The jacket is a black choir robe. We roughed up a plain white t-shirt with black, gray, brown and green spray paint.
  • We used an old “rib (breast) plate from another costume and cut it out to look like a real breast plate.
  • The hat is also from another costume.
  • The staff is made from a long wooden closet rod, shaped up with some shop tools, painted, rope, chicken feathers and skulls added (also from some old Halloween decorations).
  • The make up took me about 1.5hrs, copied from a picture from a Google search. He won the costume contest and was a huge hit at the party.

Awesome DIY Witch Doctor Halloween Costume

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