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Awesome 3D-Printed Star Wars Captain Phasma and Kylo Ren Costumes

The Captain Phasma costume was my quarantine project and kept me sane during the summer at home. In the armor alone there are over 50 3D printed pieces glued together (constituting around a solid 3 weeks of continuous printing) to create the base, which was then primed and wrapped in chrome.

After all the pieces were complete I had to figure out how to attach them to my body, which was solved with lots of velcros and a crossbody harness to hold the belt and legs. There was no pattern for the cape so we made one ourselves and sewed the pieces together. Her blaster is 54 separate 3D printed pieces glued and painted, with a flashlight scope to give the piece dynamic action. The staff is usually her weapon of choice, so I chrome wrapped a pipe and added EL wire to give it a lightning aesthetic, as that’s how it looks when fighting Finn in her final scene.

The Kylo Ren costume was sewn with a pattern with shower curtains to achieve the right tunic texture, as there was no existing fabric that gave the right look. Then we sewed two hoods to give interest and a tattered feel to the outfit. The helmet was also 8 3D printed pieces glued together, painted, and chrome wrapped for the details. The lightsaber was 4 more 3D printed pieces painted, with wiring details and weathering to complete the hilt. Acrylic tubing was then added with LEDs wired to a 9-Volt battery and a silicone coating to simulate the flame texture of Kylo’s lightsaber.

All in all these costumes took at least 6 months and are a huge source of pride as I created them mostly from scratch and achieved a successful result. The hardest part was getting everything to fit and work well together.

I want to be an Imagineer for Disney someday and I hope these costumes will exhibit the skills that will help me get there. Both of us have always loved Star Wars and have seen all of them together, and Halloween has always been our thing. I came home from college to spend the week and weekend working on these together and to see them pay off with my best friend.

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