The Cutest E.T. Dog and Owner Costume

THE cutest E.T.

I had this idea of doing a costume together with my dog and decided to go with it. I knew I had to make a basket and could not use one as it would be too firm and hurt my dog.   I took measurements of an actual crate and laid out vinyl I have from … Read more

Awesome DIY Family Costume – Little Shop of Horrors

FEED ME, Seymour

My family and I went as Little Shop of Horrors this year.  Each year we pick a movie or show from the late 80s/early 90s and I have been wanting do this one for a while now! Every year everyone is waiting to see our big reveal for our Family costumes, this year we were … Read more

Rest in Power RBG – Cool DIY Pet Dog Costume

Rest in Power RBG

This is my dog Keno dressed as Ruth Bader Ginsburg. It was made to celebrate the life and advancements RBG did for women’s rights. It was quite simple to make. Everything was bought at a thrift store besides the glasses. They are toddler glasses I got online. The robe was made from a graduation gown. … Read more

Creepy Ghost Dolls Costume for Twins

Creepy ghost dolls

Although this creepy ghost dolls costume took all day it was definitely worth it! It was sad not being able to go out and show the world our costume but it was fun to creep our family out. Must take advantage of having a twin!

Coolest DIY Baby Yoda Costume from The Mandalorian

The Child aka Baby Yoda costume

We love watching the show The Mandalorian, and we just love “Baby Yoda.” My 8 year old son decided he wanted to be Baby Yoda for Halloween, but he also wanted to look like he was in the pod. So my husband and I decided to try and make it for him. I made the … Read more

Cool Homemade Onward Couple Costume

A journey "Onward"

Ian Lightfoot (pictured) and his Barley (not pictured) are on a Journey Onward to bring the rest of their father Wilden Lightfoot back for a day. There is only one problem, they were only able to bring half of him back. They must travel the country to get the right stone to bring the rest … Read more

Super-Sweet Carnival Family Goodies DIY Costumes

Carnival Family Goodies

We are the Dickerson family and we’re dressed as carnival food and a vendor. My daughter, her first Halloween, is cotton candy. I am popcorn. My husband is a food vendor. I made the cotton candy by spraying poly-fil with pink silk flower spray and hot gluing it to a pink onesie and pink shoes … Read more

Sparkly Handmade Princess Tiana Costume

Sparkly Princess Tiana

I made a Disney Princess Tiana costume for my best friend’s granddaughter’s first Halloween. It was the first time in my life I created someone else’s design. It was a very fun challenge and I paid attention to details of the image I was working from. I separated the pieces, in my mind, and made … Read more

Awesome Plague Doctor Costume with Covid-19 Twist

COVID-19 Joke Turns Into a History Lesson

The primary concern with 2020 as a whole has been the COVID-19 outbreak. Each state has its own requirements but my state in particular, Alabama, requires a mask while out in public. So, how does one incorporate a mask with their Halloween costume for public appearances? Research and imagination! I was hoping to make a … Read more

Cutest Ever Homemade Thing 1 and Thing 2 Couple Costume

Thing1 and Thing2

My best friend and I have always called each other Thing 1 and Thing 2. We’ve always talked about actually dressing up like them on Halloween for years! My best friend moved away 6 years ago, so we haven’t celebrated Halloween together in years. This year she said she was coming to town PreHalloween weekend so we can … Read more

Coolest Audrey II – Little Shop of Horrors Wheelchair Costume

Audrey II - Little Shop of Horros

Our son, Daniel, is in the middle of this year’s costume.  We always try to incorporate his wheelchair into his costume.  This year we decided on Audrey 2 from the Little Shop of Horrors.  We created this costume from scratch utilizing hula hoops, foam-board, cardboard, PVC pipe, duct tape, spray paint and many leaves and … Read more

Cool Victims of American Horror Story Illusion Costumes

Victims of American Horror Story

I build costumes for my partner and I every year. The great thing is we are almost identical in size.  I construct one costume and learn from my mistakes making the second build easier. I began with building the structure that would hold our “killers” . 2 wooden dowels you can find at any hardware … Read more