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Rest in Power RBG – Cool DIY Pet Dog Costume

This is my dog Keno dressed as Ruth Bader Ginsburg. It was made to celebrate the life and advancements RBG did for women’s rights. It was quite simple to make.

Everything was bought at a thrift store besides the glasses. They are toddler glasses I got online. The robe was made from a graduation gown. I cut it apart and so that the collar fit around her neck and sewed it back together in the back. So it unzips in the front just like it would for a person. I cut off the sleeves and made new arm holes where Keno’s leg are.

Then I cut the sleeves up the seam and sewed them back together at the diameter that fit Keno. The lace was cut from a women’s lace sweater. It just pinned together in the back. The wig was a brown women’s wig. I just cut off enough of it in the top of the wig where the mesh holds the hair to fit on Keno’s head. Also cut two ear holes which helps hold the wig on.

The earrings were clip on. I tried them on myself before putting them on her ears. I didn’t want them to pinch. The little crown was sewn onto the wig. Then the little glasses just slipped on.

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