Alyssa’s Tinkerbell Tale Costume

Alyssa is a 7 year old girl with Rett Syndrome.  She is confined to a wheelchair so we try to really put extra effort into her costume every year!  This year, during a visit to Disney World, she LOVED Tinkerbell.  Her spunky personality reminded us of Alyssa so the idea was born!

We decided that Tinkerbell was always playing among the flowers and greenery in the woods, so her wheelchair would be a flower.  We made the petals out of chicken wire and wove battery-powered lights throughout them.  We then covered them in sparkly fabric.  We attached the petals to a hoola hoop which then attaches to the back of her wheelchair.  We added dew drops (blue glass beads) and a few butterflies to the petals for detail.  We then made a fairy wand out of a dowel (wrapped in yellow ribbon) and sparkly glitter foam for the star.  We attached it to the fairy dust (lights wrapped in wired ribbon) and wove the fairy dust in a long stream above her head.  Finaly, we decorated her wheelchair and the petals with artificial ivy, grass, and ferns.

Alyssa loves the costume and it has received a huge response from the public.  It has really allowed Alyssa to interact with people who typically would not approach a child in a wheelchair.  For once, she is the star!