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Aliens and Abductees Halloween Costumes

I always make our costumes! These are actually costumes I made for my family in 2010. Had to start the aliens (my 2 boys) back in August. It took a whole lot of work and patience. Paper mache, window screen for the eyes, lots and lots of spray paint, graduation gowns and some green latex gloves. About 2 days before Halloween decided to include my and my husband as abducts. Threw on some PJ’s, rollers in my hair, face paint for a “facial mask”, made a huge remote control and a wig for him, made collars and chains from some stuff around the house.

They were a HUGE HIT!!! Everywhere we went adults and kids were asking to take pictures with the Aliens.

My boys totally love being the center of attention for Halloween. It’s getting harder and harder to out do the year before. But in a way more fun now that they’re older and I can include their friends.

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