Our Own 4 Year Old Maleficent

My daughter’s Halloween school party is fast approaching, she wanted to be beastly Maleficent, we’ve looked in every shop near us, amazon, ebay, american website NONE! Either sold out or not in her size. My wife said “we will make her one” not to mention none of us have any sewing experience.

To cut story short she made the dress out of a black net curtain, put cardboard out from cereal box and the sewed by hand with material as collar. I made the horn out of wire from a coat hangers, wrapped with masking tape and once it formed i then sprayed with black paint. The crow was funny story, we went shopping one day,we walked and my daughter saw a Crow was displayed at the shop window. We went inside and asked “oh no its not for sale shop window display only” shop assistant said, but my daughter said please please please Mr its for our school Halloween party. And on and on and 30 mins later we asked the manager and luckily he agreed.

My daughter thanked him with her big smile you can imagine on our way out. I then made a staff as walking stick and fastened the crow on top then sprayed black and here she is our own Maleficent.

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