“I’m a Mog; Half man, half dog! I am my own best friend.”

I had a blast putting this together for a halloween contest at work last October. I wanted to be as screen-accurate as possible. Most things came together easy, like the shoes and gloves. Picked up some Converse shoes, colored laces, and finger-less leather gloves and faux fur; and they turned out great! The real issue was the flight-suit. I am a big guy and I found the largest flight suit I could find, but wasn’t told that the top half of flight suits normally run about two sizes small, so I had to find a local tailor and she did a FANTABULOUS job altering it. Found an 80’s rocker wig and using hair pins, elastic bands and about 1/2 can of hair spray, it turned out well.

As for the eye patch, WOW! what an issue! Did I want to just do makeup or have a rubber prosthetic piece made? Ended up getting white fabric felt and makeup glue and it really looks authentic.

Too bad you can’t see the tail in the photo.

I can’t wait for the WizardCon to come to Richmond this year, I’ll be there!

Oh, by the way, I finished first in the company sponsored contest with over half of the first place votes. I even got my sister to make dog-boned shaped cookies to fill up the Milk-Bone box.