We are always inspired to make our own costumes, and love doing it. This year Silent Hill inspired us. It took us five to six days out of our busy life to make these Silent Hill Pyramid Head and Faceless Nurse costumes. It was fun and not too terribly hard!

We won our local contest with these scary costumes! Pyramid head mask was made out of a hard hat lining, with card board over it, cut out into triangle shapes and glued together as a pyramid. Housing accessories from hardware store to make the bolts and handles. A wiring mesh was put over the eyes and painted black. We used a smoothing plaster type stuff to smooth over the cardboard, painted black, then put a rustic spray paint over that. The knife was made from a large piece of wood, shaved into the knife shape and handle. Then painted black and blood put on it. The skirt piece was from a  thrift store, it was a old vintage curtain, sowed into a skirt and blood added to it. The stilts where also handmade. They where made from large PVC pipe, and pipe covers. They were cut in half to make two of course, then we bolted in tennis shoes through them, enough to walk in the shoes without it touching your feet. The knife was so big it was used for extra support.

For the faceless nurse, I put a plastic bag over my head and cut out my eyes and mouth. Then took plaster and cut it into strips. You can get those at your local craft store. I plastered my whole face and top of the back of my head. You don’t want to go too far, or you cant get it off. Once I got a good outlay, and I made sure it was dry (it didn’t take long), I took it off and added a few more layers and bunched them up a little to give the look I was going for. Once done, I painted with coffee to give that dirty, old burnt look. Then mixed up my own old blood color out of red and brown, and added a little black. Once finished, I drew small veins on the head. The outfit and shoes I got at a thrift store. I soaked it, my hat (from Halloween store) and tights in tea, and let them dry. Once done, I added coffee spots on it, blood, black and even burnt the edges. Added blood to my shoes, and drew small veins on my legs. We were pretty set after that.