This year for my friend’s annual Halloween party I really wanted to be a bird. There was a two hundred dollar peacock costume I liked, but spending that much was out of the question. I usually make my own costumes so I decided to create my own bird costume this year. I decided to base what bird I would be around my multi colored tutu. So I went with being a parakeet and started assembling from there. I also knew I wanted a green satin corset for the body of my bird costume and purchasing one online was no easy task.

I used orange leg warmers for my bird legs, that I attached orange bows with orange feathers on the back of them. I spray painted a pair of black high heels neon safety orange for my feet. For my tail feather I cut up a green boa and attached it to my tutu with a blue satin bow. For my wings I made green Tye dye sleeves and attached blue tulle and green feathers them.

For my hair I made a feather headpiece and put feathers in my braids. I used blue and green eye makeup with feather lashes and glitter to complete my parakeet look. All of the hard work paid off because I won sexiest costume at the party! I was so happy with how everything came out the way I wanted it to. I loved all the bright colors and feathers and got so many compliments all night!