Where do I start? My mother once told me, “If you look in the mirror at night, the devil will come out of it in the form of you.” She told me that when I was 5. ;)

So, here we are over 20 years later and I created what I use to dream up in my head, only sexy.

  • I made the wings and headpiece out of green Styrofoam, covered them in West System epoxy and then painted them using red, maroon and black acrylic paint. I also added red sparkles, acrylic gloss and a few black feathers.
  • If you notice the headpiece, it has eyes on the tips and the middle. I’m an ocularist, and created the eyes by hand from start to finish. There was a slight influence from seeing pan’s labyrinth.
  • I also carved out my own horns for my head.

I think overall, it came together pretty well.

I spent my first Halloween party taking photos with over 2,000 people! I would say it was a hit. Women gave me the most compliments and backhanded compliments. Some said, “OMG! You’re scary hot!” Others said, “I wish I looked like you!”

I also heard a lot from the wives of the husband’s at the party. Most of it was non-verbal. There were lots of eye rolls when the husbands asked to have their pictures taken with me.

Either way, if they were talking, then I did my job! I loved being an entertainer for a night!