This sexy cheap paper-bag Princess costume was my 2010 homemade costume! I wanted to be a paper-bag princess but I didn`t want to just throw a bag over my head and go. Everyone LOVED this costume, just make sure your not partying in the rain its not so durable!! So what I did to create this was:

  1. Buy a package of big compost bucket liners, 4, (at Superstore or Sobeys), glue for a glue-gun, and gold spray paint.
  2. To make the paper bag look a little bit spiced up I cut two of the compost liners so that they would open up to be long and flipped them inside out (the inside has no markings its just brown)
  3. One of the bags are used to be your actually dress and the other is to rip pieces off to glue onto the bag. For your main “dress” you cut it to your approximate size by getting some help with measuring and cutting and also  by whatever length you would like it to be. Then cut the top of it to be somewhat a heart shaped neckline.
  4. Once you have the dress the right length and size to fit around you take the other bag you have cut out and rip it into strips and crumple them up so they look a bit ragged. Do quite a few of these to make the dress look fuller. Once that is done place them where you think looks good.
  5. Once you have them all glued on with a glue-gun let it dry and leave the dress like that until the day you are planning on wearing it. When you go to put it on make sure your wearing either a tube top and shorts underneath in case it rips off by the end of the night or whatever you prefer.
  6. When putting it on get help, let the other person staple the top and bottom into place (be careful) and do other spots that are accessible, I also got them to glue it too! It seems complicated but its really not.

 Hat: My hat is just a cardboard box flipped inside out, spray painted gold and cut into a little crown and bobby pinned to my hair.