For this Scariest Headless Dead Bride Costume I went off and bought a used bride’s dress at a thrift store for $20. At the waist line I unsewed the stitching to make sure your head will fit through it.

The body part of the Headless Dead Bride Costume is a pillow. to form the shoulders I got a coat wood hanger and cuffed a little piece of the pillow over it and then sewed it. The arms – pillow stuffing, attaching it to the pillow by sewing them, as well. To make it look more realistic, you buy panty hose in tan color pulling it over each arm and over the body (which is the pillow).

In order to hold the body up above your head, you will need to find a backpack with wheels that has a pull up handle. Make a hole on the bottom of the pillow and stick the handle of the backpack all the way up till it can’t go anymore. This will completely hold the body up.

The neck piece was from an old model head which was cut and sewn to the neck part of the dress.

To get the gut looking feature, you buy foam spray from Walmart $3 and spray it, wait for it to dry completely and then you have to peel pieces of it off to make it look like guts. Get vampire blood from the party store and it will dye it and make it look red.

It’s really up to you what you want to do with the arms of the Headless Dead Bride Costume, I just bought a plastic knife with blood inside and sewed it to the dress and on the other hand I had a fake heart hanging.

The makeup is a cream, white and black mixed together and brown eyeshadow to give it the sunken look. Then, I bought white contacts and used them to make it look scarier. I also bought a wavy, blondish wig, pinned it up with bobby pins and color sprayed it, white and gray.