My daughter is really into fairies and mythical creatures. We go to Michigan’s Renaissance Festival almost every year. This year she wanted to go as a creature inspired by a photo she Googled of a deer girl.

So we started buying pieces here and there to put it together and we referred back to the pictures often to keep it fresh in our minds.After all the components were bought we started to put it together I am no seamstress so we put it together how we could. Tool was tied around an old belt she didn’t wear anymore then once in the skirt on the day she was to wear a silk rose was soon on where the belt came together. A white tank was cut to look like she just wore something out of the woods and dyed tan which turned the seam that was around the tank gold which went really well with the gold tool we used. She was given these lil black flats which are cuter then words they were perfect for hoofs. Her father sawed off real antlers from and skull he had and screwed them into a headband for her head piece. We made crystal,  coin, and moon stone pouches out of hemp rope and leftover tool. After setting her hair in curls over night I looked at the Googled pics for inspiration to tie it all togther. She also carried an orb she decided not to carry a pet spider at the festival,  applied her makeup and she looked amazing. I was really impressed with myself. Hope you all enjoy the pictures.