My fiance and I wanted to come up with a unique and wonderful idea for our Halloween costume. I started off by looking online for ideas, and I saw a costume for the “Fragile” box from a Christmas Story. I knew instantly that my fiance could be the box, and I wanted to go as the leg lamp.

For the Fragile box, we used 2 cardboard boxes that we had already (such as a moving box from Lowe’s). With the first box, we flattened it out so that the top and bottom flaps were flat. We also flattened the second box, but used a box cutter to cut panels, 4 per side. We then used a wood grain laminate (from Wal Mart or Lowes) and placed strips on each cut out panel, so that it looked like planks of wood. We then used a hot glue gun to secure each panel to the first box. We added straps for my fiance to wear the box over his shoulders. We also used a stencil and black spray paint to pain on the words Fragile.

For the leg lamp, we started off with some yellow fabric. I cut the fabric into 4 separate piece, and sewed them together, in a box-like shape. In the back, I used Velcro for one section instead of sewing, so that it made it easier to put on and take off. I left a large hem at the bottom of each piece, which would drape down for the bottom of the lamp. I straightened out a wire coat hanger for the lamp’s base, and sewed it onto the fabric, to give it the circular shape at the bottom. Then added black fringe across the bottom. I found a pair of cheap net tights and wore a pair of black heels to finish off the look.

Everyone loved our costume and instantly knew what we were. It was definitely one of our best costumes ever!