My friends and I came up with the idea of a Hungry Hungry Hip-Hop Hippos group costume for Halloween last year. It was a great success. We each ordered Adidas fire bird style track suits and old school Adidas shoes matching our suits.

We made the helmets out of safety helmets with hinges for face shields and formed card board and foam around them to make the perfect shaped Hippo heads. We used spray-paint to color them. We also took the heads from the Hungry hungry Hippo game, spray-painted them gold and attached them to fake gold chains for our “Bling”.

It was an expensive costume to put together, but it was mainly because we got Adidas gear which was close to $200.00 a piece. The heads were only about $35.00 to make. Totally worth all the bragging rights of having the best costumes everywhere we went last year!