This awesome PB&J costume was the hit of the party. We came 2nd place in the events costume party (but most people told us we should have won). Everyone wanted to get pictures with us! It was a blast to be in this costume because it was fun and you could still easily move in it. Received many compliments on the costume and everyone was impressed that we had made them ourselves. Wish we could re-wear them because they were so much fun to wear.

All sewing was done by hand and with a machine, but wasn’t overly hard to make. The dress was made out of a man’s large tshirt, and then we just blew up the images and attached it to the fabric. We added accessories like the “top of the jar” to make it have a little extra. We made this costume super last minute, but did require some time.

Besides that it is definitely one of the best costumes I have ever worn ! Wish I could wear it again