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Coolest Baby Dragon Costume

by Liz (& baby Winter) R
(North Yarmouth, Maine)

Coolest Baby Dragon Costume

Coolest Baby Dragon Costume

Coolest Baby Dragon Costume
Coolest Baby Dragon Costume
Coolest Baby Dragon Costume
Coolest Baby Dragon Costume

My baby boy, Winter, was eight months old just before Halloween and he had begun to crawl. My husband commented that he walked a lot like an iguana, and he really did - one splayed little hand at a time. The Baby Dragon costume hatched.

He grew out of this costume three times in a month and more panels needed to be added to the sides and legs before trick-or-treat night. Also, I had to make it much easier to get in and out of with velcro and a wide neck so little Winter could handle being put into it! (It also helped to put it on him several times before Halloween - the screams of dismay eventually became screams of delight...).

Made from fabric scraps, an old green bathing suit, a pleather purse, velcro, hot glue and bedazzling jewels, this is one little dragon that may not breathe fire, but he certainly will melt your heart! The Lions Club had a kids party, and Winter went with his older cousins - he stole the show by crawling around after a big orange balloon. One woman walked in, glanced his way and shrieked! She thought he was a live baby alligator! (Of course, it was kinda dark, and she was a little ridiculous...we live in Maine... c'mon... alligator?).

This Baby Dragon Costume is really much more hysterical in motion - check out the video of the Coolest Baby Dragon!

Liz & baby Winter

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baby dragon
by: Lucy

So cute! Thats inspiring.

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Coolest Homemade Dragon Costume 4

by Erlinda G.
(Lompoc CA)

Homemade Dragon Costume

Homemade Dragon Costume

Andreo's Homemade Dragon Costume was put together by me, his Grandma Guerrero. I took a jacket and sweat pants as the foundation. This would serve two purposes, one I wouldn't have to sew a complete outfit and it would be warm on Halloween night. Andreo will be showing off his outfit Halloween night so it will be warm.

I cut foam to make the scales down the back of the jacket and hood. I used felt to make the horns. The wings are wire and netting. The scales and tail is made of shiny blue material Then I sewed his shiny scales to his jacket. The black scales were sewn on the jacket and tails. The little horns and ears were put together and sewn on the hood.

Then I put together the tail with the same material as the blue scales, which I attached onto the pants.

When my children were young I always made their costumes so naturally when my grandson, Andreo was born I made his costume too. My children have been the Empire State Building with King Kong hanging on it, a can of SPAM, etc.

Halloween is everyday at our house, we are the Band DRACONIS.

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my son
by: janette

I'm so proud of my DRAGON son. I want to thank Grandma Linda for making such a cute costume. Do good my son, and forever be proud that you will always be a DRAGON!
Love you,

by: Jenna

His is getting soo big! He definately has a good chance of winning this, it's amazing!

Janette's sister - Jenna

by: Lavenderbaby

That costume is cute on him!!! Looks like a tough little baby dragon ;D


by: Sue


by: Mary Edwards

Awwww....that was the cutest picture of a darling boy in his costume...and grandma made it too.

What I liked about it was that it was made from
sweatsuit keep him nice and warm..very clever..

And......loved the little dragon wings too...a great costume to represent the band...

by: emerald

amazing i love it

So cute
by: Anonymous

I love this outfit!

He's a little monster of a dragon!
by: Daddy Draconis

We should take him to the animal shelter! THIS BOY IS A BEAST HE NEEDS TO BE LOCKED AWAY!!! LOL! Grandma did a great job on this one! It's funny watching him run around the house in it. He like to play with his tail when he can catch it.

by: Shannon Big sis!

I love the homemade, warm, and SUPER COOL Costume. Well done Grandma! I pick up my dragon wings tomorrow... its what I am for Halloween every year! YEAH FOR DRAGONS :)

Nice Costume
by: Bryan

It's super cool!

How appropriate
by: Judy

This is s great costume. Both cute and practical. I love it.

by: elias

cool,me and my dad are gonna make one for our next project someday.[maybe,im not sure,but i hope we do]

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