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Coolest Recycled DIY Dragon Princess Costume

This was a hard one everything but the kitchen sink in here. Most of it was recycled from a dumpster.

A lot of foam like would be used in a sofa. I started with crutches and curved them around the body. Then I re-enforced with 2×4’s the neck has a sewer pipe and  boards in it. With a coffee can for head base.

There are drywall stilts in the back legs and lots of foam.

The front legs are crutches that I extended with PVC pipe. The tail is 9 ft long and helped counter balance the head.  That was the hardest part…it was very heavy, so I built in suspenders over her shoulders to hold it up, with lots of padding for comfort.

She is 5 ft tall and weighs 100 lbs..this is 16 ft long and weighs about 50 lbs..learning to make him walk took a bit of practice   Yes he actually walks.!

I painted the body with lots of latex paint. It took gallons because the foam soaked it up.  Her crown is from the yard. some carefully chosen sticks and dried berries. I added glitter and rhinestones.

I’m so in love with the finished product. Hope you like it too!

Dragon Princess

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