For several years I’ve wanted to make a munchkin costume for a toddler. Unfortunately, there haven’t been any small children in my circle of family and friends for the past 20 years. Finally, I have a granddaughter to make costumes for. She even has a munchkin face and hair.

I watched the movie Wizard of OZ several times. I made sketches and took notes for ideas for a costume. There were so many different versions that it was hard to decide. I wish I had a couple of more toddlers around. This would have been a great idea for a group of toddlers.

I started the costume with a very full skirt that went to mid shin length. I wanted the striped tights and curl toed shoes to be partly visible. There is a hoop skirt under the outer skirt to keep it poofed out. The top has a fitted bodice with ties in the back. Toddlers grow fast and I wanted the outfit to be adjustable in case she went through a growth spurt. The sleeves are very puffy at the top and fitter from the elbow to wrist. I made a simple apron out of a rectangle of fabric gathered across the top and a row of trim at the bottom. After the costume was assembled, I went back and added trims and ribbons to decorate it.

The hat is a bonnet with a ruffled brim. My grand daughter does’t like hats so the ties were essential to get her to leave it on for awhile. The flowers on the hat are modeled after pictures I found of authentic munchkin hats from the movie. They are felt flowers on a wire base. I was happy that they looked like the pictures of the real thing.

The shoes have felt covers over them with curled up toes and flowers at the top of the curl to match the flower on the hat. There are green and white stripe tights, although they don’t show in the pictures.

People were delighted with the costume. Everyone immediately knew what she was and everyone wanted a picture. I took her into a couple of local supermarkets where her parents work and she put smiles on all the costumers and employees faces.